Bulldog Puppies

The second generation of NFTs from the Bulldog kingdom. This consists of 3,000 generated Bulldog Puppies from a pool of unique attributes.
Please keep in mind that any of the information in these documents is subject to change, and some information may not be fully updated.
Total Supply: 3,000 Mintable in BONE 2.0.
The next phase for expansion within the Bulldog ecosystem will include being able to "breed" your Genesis Bulldog to give you a new Bulldog Puppy NFT.
Puppies will have an array of utilities including full access to our DAO & holder exclusive channels, and being able to stake for BONE 2.0. However, when staked they receive 1/2 of the BONE 2.0 that a Genesis would.
Puppies will be able to participate in Missions, which are a gamified version of staking, and will be eligible for full rewards from them. Having either a Genesis Bulldog or a Bulldog Puppy will allow you to stake and earn rewards in BONE 2.0.
Gold Spacesuit
Taiyo Helmet
1/1 Reaper

Check Rank

You can use to check your rank, or explore all 3,000 Puppies that exist! You can even see which ones are for sale and where.
Bulldog Puppies -
IMPORTANT: This ranking matches the official ranking of the NFT project. Use at your own risk. Do not base your purchase or sale decisions solely on these rankings! Enjoy!

Check Cooldown

You can check which Bulldogs have bred and when they will be valid to breed again.
Bulldogs - Dogs on breeding cooldown
Wondering if your Bulldog is firing blanks? Check if your Bulldog had a recent breeding session.