Experience the diversity these Bulldog homes have to offer. 300 Doghouses for your Bulldogs to call home.
Please keep in mind that any of the information in these documents is subject to change, and some information may not be fully updated.
Total Supply: 300 Original Price: 800 BONE
Doghouses are an NFT that increases BONE 2.0 yield 1.5x per Bulldog staked. They were minted with BONE , allowing people who had staked their bulldogs to be rewarded for trusting in the team and ecosystem. Doghouses allow you to house up to 5 bulldogs at a time.
Doghouse owners are able to set a rental fee for occupants, the maximum rent fee can be set to 30%. This ensures that tenants are always better off staking their dogs in Doghouses as opposed to not being in a Doghouse.
This is the formula used to calculate BONE 2.0 you can claim as a tenant in a Doghouse.
BONE 2.0 Yield = (Schedule * 1.5) * Lock Period - Rent Fee (%)
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