"Staking As A Service"
Please keep in mind that any of the information in these documents is subject to change, and some information may not be fully updated.
We have developed a very unique staking platform allowing NFT projects to easily integrate staking into their own ecosystems. Projects will have a wide range of customization including being able to stake for their own token as well as have the ability to customize staking options. Our staking platform is a powerful tool to help you grow your project’s ecosystem!


While these are some of the core features we have in place now, we are constantly developing and innovating within our platform which is why we will continue to roll out even further functionality for our WL partners.
  • Stake multiple collections
  • Custom staking options incl. locking or no locking options
  • Custom yield multipliers
  • In-app rental system
  • Use your project's token
  • Stake unlimited NFTs from the same wallet
  • Rewards monitor

How to apply?

We are currently only accepting whitelist applications as we begin to onboard projects.
Fill out this form:​